AUTHOR: Marty, a.k.a. canape TITLE: Small things and smaller me DATE: 4/22/2009 02:26:00 PM ----- BODY:
Yesterday, I was doing some cleaning upstairs after Little Bird's nap. Usually when we work upstairs after a nap, he just plays or runs up and down the hallway, but yesterday, he was watching me. I was unpacking some shelves for pictures, and placing the wrapping on the floor for the trash. Just to see, I asked him if he could throw the trash away. He smiled, picked up the trash and started looking around. I pointed to the trash bag hanging on the door of the closet, and he walked over and proudly put the trash in the bag. Then he came back for more.

It's a small thing, I know. But every time there is two way communication between us, I get so excited. I love that he answers "yes" or "no" questions now, and I love that he can follow simple instructions. I love watching him learn and grow. It's amazing to me.


In other news, I've jumped on the bandwagon. Today was the first day of my 30 Day Shred. The shredheads have been inspirational, and I'm ready to say goodbye to the last 10 pounds of baby weight. Which I plan on putting back on soon, but there are swimsuits to wear between now and then.

I'll be blogging my shred, but not here. Until we have "after" pictures to go with my "now" pictures, I'm not sharing with the general population, so it's password protected. But if I know you, or you can tell me who you are, and you would like to follow along with my shredding, just shoot me an email, and I'll send you the password.

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----- COMMENT: AUTHOR:Anonymous Convertible Girl DATE:Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 10:39:00 PM EDT Because I am a sucker for peer pressure, I put that shred DVD on my Netflix list. So of course, I must follow your progress to see if it's worth doing -- you can send me the magic word or just tell me about it when I see you ;) ----- COMMENT: AUTHOR:Anonymous Anonymous DATE:Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 9:17:00 AM EDT I am doing the shred and it kicks my butt, but honestly I have seen little progress in a few weeks!! Good luck. ----- COMMENT: AUTHOR:Anonymous Bubblewench DATE:Monday, April 27, 2009 at 11:05:00 AM EDT That is SO adorable that he put the trash away for you!

He is getting so big so quick! I can't belive it. ----- --------